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2D/Concept Art

Concept Art

On this page I’ve featured some freelance digital artwork completed for various creative invites on Talenthouse, as well as including independent projects.

Character Concepts - Devi & Kami

Devi 29.jpg

Devi is a fully-grown Indian One-horned rhino, who spends the majority of time in search of food, particularly figs. 


Kami is a Hornbill, an inquisitive and chipper bird who likes to stash away their favourite food, figs. 

'Stranger Wars'

This piece was undertaken between May-July of 2022, during which Stranger Things season 4 and Obi-Wan season 1 both premiered, and subsequently inspired the idea for this digital painting. 

Star Wars Stranger Things

'Ziggy Sawdust'

Earlier in 2022, I completed a very quick project to design an avatar picture for Youtuber 'Law and Lumber'.

The project came about during the televised trial of Depp vs. Heard, which was covered heavily on Youtube, specifically the self titled 'Lawtube' area of the platform.

I noticed most creators had themed avatars tailored to their channel/audience, except for Law and Lumber, however a mascot relating to a squishy stress toy unicorn was quickly established amongst his audience, which later became known as Ziggy Sawdust.
As a result, I created an avatar based upon the mascot, to which Law and Lumber adopted as his avatar whilst streaming...


The first image is the squishy unicorn toy in question, the second image is the original design I created, and the third image was one I did for fun once I had learned the name of the unicorn.

Ultimately, Law and Lumber opted for the first design...

Law and Lumber Unicorn Youtube

'This is the Way'

This picture came about when I was searching for a card for a friend's birthday. I couldn't find one that incorporated their favourite characters, and so I decided to make one instead - Family Guy x The Mandalorian. 

Some time later, and in light of the long awaited third season of The Mandalorian, I posted the picture to Instagram, to which was seen and shared by Family Guy Fox on their Instagram and Twitter. 

The Mandalorian, Star Wars, Family Guy
The Mandalorian, Star Wars, Family Guy

'Wednesday 19th April' 

A while back, after watching Wednesday on Netflix, I made the connection (as many on social media did at the time) between the characters Wednesday Addams and April Ludgate (from Parks and Recreation). Being a fan of Parks and Rec and the various remakes of The Addams Family, I knew I wanted to create a crossover concept piece involving these two.


I considered the plot point from Wednesday which involved her doing work experience at Pilgrim World, and it reminded me of a scene from Parks & Rec where April dresses as a pilgrim...

📸 Wednesday, Netflix

📸 Parks and Recreation

Out of curiosity, I checked the Days Of The Year calendar, specifically each Wednesday throughout the month of April, and found the 19th was National Hanging Out Day, which primarily relates to laundry, it also worked for the premise of April and Wednesday "hanging out", however with the scene of April referencing her attire, it leaned  slightly into the true meaning behind National Hanging Out Day too. 

April Ludgate, Wednesday Addams, Netflix, Addams Family, Parks and Recreation

'Fan-Fic Pic'

Anyone who's heard of fan fiction, will know how wild it can be. In project I undertook over the pandemic, I dipped my toe into some fan fiction, not literally, but pictorially. My fan fiction is more a fun crossover of classic characters, and to find out the origins and recipients of the pieces, I'll detail the project in a blog post coming soon! For now, enjoy the weirdness.

Skyscapes, Landscapes & Interiors

After looking through some old holiday photographs, I felt inspired to digitally paint a few of them as it had been sometime since I had created a landscape piece in particular. As a result, I chose a skyscape, landscape & interior to work on.

Worlds Apart Art Competition - Villains: ‘Evil Octo Pals’

In July 2021, a friend alerted me to an art competition being held by comic book store, Worlds Apart Birmingham. The theme was ‘villains’, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take part. 


I knew right away that I wanted Disney’s Ursula to be in the piece, but as many of my character drawings are crossovers, I wanted to pair her with another villain of a similar concept, which is why I drew on inspiration from the Marvel comics and chose Dr Otto Octavia.

Doctor Octopus, Ursula, Villains,

‘Dragon Endeavour’ - NASA & SpaceX Demo 2 Mission

2020 was an eventful year to say the least, but it wasn’t all bad. In May, Nasa and SpaceX teamed up for a new mission called Demo 2, for the purpose of testing SpaceX’s crew transportation system. I have created a blog post detailing my process for making this piece, as well as included links to more information about the event!

NASA, Dragon, Space, shuttle

‘Playtime - Lost Boys & Lost Toys’

When it comes to my work on Disney parody art, I usually work in traditional methods using pencil, however for this piece decided to build upon my digital art practice instead. It's tricky combing two different styles, Pixar and traditional Disney animation, but for an initial practice I was pleased with the results. I like to really present textures within my work, and that's something I will work on going forward with digital paintings. 

Peter Pan, Toy Story
Peter Pan, Toy Story

Talenthouse Creative Briefs

Talenthouse is a social networking site which connects multiple creative platforms, and encourages artists to take part in various creative briefs. The briefs range from creating new logos for companies like DKNY, to creating promotional artwork for the latest film releases. 

Coca-Cola: Green Fingers

"Times have been particularly difficult lately, and both physical and mental health has never been more important. With this in mind, I was inspired to create an art piece that incites a small change for the better through nature.


Plants can do so much for our health and the environment, and I have long since aspired to successfully grow plants which, up until now, I’ve sadly failed miserably at. This year, however, I’d like to try and change that. If we can be a little more green-fingered, then not only could we help our own wellbeing, but we could also contribute to a healthier environment, which is why I have also combined the Coca-Cola products as containers for the plants to encourage the message of recycling and the creative ways it can be done.

My Open To Better resolution is: I’m not the best at keeping plants alive but I’ll try."

Coca-cola, nature, recycle


With the release of Scoob!, Warner Bros. Pictures opened a creative brief in which creators were invited to submit artwork that captures the fun and thrilling tone of the film. By taking inspiration from the trailer and website, I created a cinema scene which puts the renowned team front and centre, with nods to the 'baddies' and heroic team-ups of the movie.

Scooby Doo

Birds Of Prey

Warner Bros. Pictures opened a call for artists to create either illustrations, digital paintings, or alternative poster designs for the release of the Birds of Prey movie, and to consider the “disruptive, infectiously fun, and rebellious tone of the film”.

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

For this poster design my aim was to represent Harley Quinn's individuality, whilst keeping in mind the chaos of film. In the trailer she recites her purpose in life is to serve her master, and although her ties with Joker may never be completely severed, she is strong enough to be her own master.

DC, Birds Of Prey, Harley Quinnn

The Addams Family

A similar creative invite came from United Artists Releasing, who launched a campaign for artists to create pieces in conjunction to the release of The Addams Family animated film. The brief outlined a desire to capture the characters in ‘typically mundane’ situations whilst including a kooky Addams Family twist.

The Addams Family, ‘Film Fright Night’

With the creative invite being a film release, and the brief requesting a ‘mundane’ activity, it seemed appropriate to base the concept of my piece around a family trip to the cinema. I wanted to present each character in a way that was indicative of their personality, or a recognisable trait as depicted in the film’s trailer.

The Addams Family

Spider-Man Far From Home

During June 2019, Talenthouse hosted a creative invite on behalf of Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. whereby artists globally had the opportunity to produce artwork for the release of Spider-Man™: Far From Home. Below are the pieces I submitted…

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